Extra options



Options can be inserted in the <form> tags like this:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 <form method="get" action="https://scripts.hoteliers.com/api/v1/book-form" target="_blank" class="hoteliers-book-form"> <input type="hidden" name="hotel" value="{hotel}"> <!-- INSERT OPTIONS HERE --> <button type="submit" class="hoteliers-book-form__button">Book now</button> </form>



Promotion codes

1 <input type="hidden" name="promotion_code" value="mycode1234">

Codes cannot be validated on your website. Invalid codes don’t show any errors to the visitor currently either.

Specific rooms or packages

You can directly link to a specific room or package. This is useful if your visitor is on a detail page of a specific room.

For rooms:

1 <input type="hidden" name="room_id" value="{room_id}">

For Packages:

1 <input type="hidden" name="package_id" value="{package_id}">


You can only link to 1 room or 1 package


Date picker

Arrival and departure dates can be added. Both dates must be YYYY-mm-dd format.

1 2 <input type="hidden" name="arrival" value="2020-08-20"> <input type="hidden" name="departure" value="2020-08-21">


Please note The Booking Engine does support input by date pickers. However, we do not support technical questions on the date picker as this is not part of the standard Booking Engine button.

The person who created your website should have sufficient knowledge to place a date picker without our assistance. We recommend using the Booking Engine button without a date picker if your website manager is unable to implement the date picker.


Number of nights

Number of nights can be added.

1 <input type="hidden" name="nights" value="2">


Please note When arrivaldeperature and nights are present, arrival and departure will overrule the number of nights.


Google Analytics

We currently support the _ga variable, no other Google Analytics variables. Cross domain tracking is enabled. Simply add this script to your page. Make sure Google Analytics is loaded before.

1 <script src="https://scripts.hoteliers.com/js/book-button-ga.js"></script>

This will attach the Google variable to the URL. To the URL like this: ?_ga={code}


Multiple hotels

See Chain Engine Button.